Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thing I am Thankful For...


I know that there have been tons of "what I am thankful" blogs today and I almost didn't post mine but after reading and catching up on all my blog friends, but I decided that I really do have a lot of reasons to be thankful this year and I wanted to share them, more for me than anything else...

I am thankful for my Hubby.  Even though he warps between his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality on a regular basis and even though his snoring makes me want to commit murder, almost on a daily basis, I am thankful for him.  I am thankful that we both took to heart our original vows, for better or worse, through good times and bad, and we have been together for damn near 30 years and still love each other.  I am thankful that he is both my friend and my lover and I am especially thankful that the latter is as good today as it was all those years ago.

I am thankful that C1, my oldest child, has finally come into himself as a responsible adult.  I am thankful that he is pursuing his dream and that he is opening his very own, hopefully of many, gyms this coming week.  He makes me proud.  I am thankful that he has found a girlfriend and for the first time in his life he has made the decision to begin a relationship based on getting to know her before intimacy.  I am thankful that he trusts me enough and respects me enough to share this with me. (Lord, I hope I didn't just jinx him)

I am thankful that C2, my middle son, is making a healthy recovery and I am especially thankful that God spared his life this year.  Though some of this process has been rough and there is still more healing to come, I am thankful that we have bonded and become closer in the past 4 months and he has allowed me to mother him even though he is an adult and doesn't need or necessarily want my mothering.  I am thankful that he has made the decision to go back to school and follow his dreams.  He also makes me proud.

I am thankful that C3, my baby boy, is becoming the young man that he is.  I am thankful that even though he has moved into his teenage years, that he has moved into them gracefully, with dignity and with the sweet natured compassion that he has always had.  I should be thankful that he thinks that we have such a close relationship that he feels comfortable waking me at midnight on a Tuesday night to ask if he can go up the street and spend the night with his buddy.  SCREECH.... Brake, WTF?  No I am not thankful that he feels this comfortable.  Hmmmm...

I am thankful for my family, especially my mother, who is always there for me.  I am thankful that for the first time in my life she has not put that old 'Catholic guilt' on me and pressured me into over-extending myself and my family this Thanksgiving holiday and finally at the ripe ol' age of 72 she has accepted that traditions can change and that doesn't mean I don't love her any less.

I am thankful for my friends and extremely thankful for my two new, very best friends that have helped me more than they will ever know through this trying year.  Who would have ever thought that the three of us from very different backgrounds, at very different stages of life (okay, age) could become so close after sharing three very different crisis'.  I am thankful for both of you every single day and even though we have yet to figure out how or where we will finally meet, I look forward every day to sharing my life with you two, even though you make fun of my Texas Twang accent, you wenches!

I am thankful for all my blog buds and all of you that actually read my blog, even you lurkers that never come out of the closet.  I am thankful that I get to enjoy the relationships I have built with all of you and that you allow me to share in your lives as well.

Even though I had some very serious health scares this year, I am here today to share with all of you the things that I am thankful for and for this not only am I thankful, I am blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cat Stories and Other Ramblings

No, I didn't forget how to spell my own name, I might actually talk about cats! Which reminds me, I've been married for over 26 years to the same man and in his cell phone my number is listed under "Cat" and when I pointed out to him that he spelled my name wrong, he actually said, "Does it really matter?" Uh, YES, asshole...

Been trying for over a week now to come up with something interesting or funny to blog about or even something to bitch about but I have come up empty handed. Can you believe that? Kat has NOTHING to bitch about! Seriously, nothing exciting is happening in Kat Land, nothing traumatic has happened in some time, nothing or nobody has pissed me off in awhile, well there is that Biggest Loser thing Tuesday night, but we won't go there today... So it leaves me with nothing. I hate having nothing.

I refuse to believe, which might actually mean PARTICIPATE, that Thanksgiving is next week which will then be followed by the dreaded Christmas. ARGGHHH... The only thing exciting about this whole scenario is I get two days off next week and I will get two days off for Christmas and two days for New Years. And that about sums up my holiday spirit.

So... In talking with a couple of girlfriends about the pros and cons of adopting dogs as pest controllers, one of them showed me a picture of a rat terrier dog that she wanted to get for her rodent problem. My apologies to those of you out there that have one of these creatures, but man that was one ugly ass dog. Which led to the discussion of cats as a better alternative to pest control, except she didn't like cats. However, in my excellent salesperson of the year mode, I believe that I have convinced her to buy her baby girl a kitten for Christmas - I'm so good.

Our discussion led me to ask if I had ever told them my 'cat story' and it appears that I have not shared this tale with many people, not even blog land Or maybe I have and don't remember it because I have been having menopausal memory issues lately and I am too lazy to go back and research if I've shared it, either way you get to hear it, even if you've heard it. Disclaimer - don't be sending me any mean and hateful emails or comments about my being a murderer either, I KNOW that and I live with it every day of my life...

In true Kat Land form, when things go wrong, shit rolls down hill and things kind of spiral out of control, needless to say this was one of those times. When we purchased our home about 19 some odd years ago, we learned that we had a serious rat infestation. In all fairness, and not because we were gross slobs, the house that we purchased had been vacant for several years due to the fact that the owner was in a nursing home and once she croaked her children couldn't wait to unload the house. Thus being vacant for all those years, the rats moved in and took up residence unknown to us and we got a helluva a deal . Hubby's solution to the rat infestation, after we spent thousands of dollars on 'professional' pest controllers that could not control the problem, was to buy a cat. I was not a cat person and actually was allergic to cats, or so I thought, and needless to say was not thrilled with this solution but I was less thrilled with living with rats.

Hubby took me to the local shelter to find a cat and I fell in love with a beautiful black and white kitten. Hubby tried to convince me that we were looking for a cat not a kitten but I was adamant that if we were going to get one of these creatures only this one would do. I didn't like any other color of the kittens or cats, they all gave me the creeps. The only one my heart fell for was the black and white kitten. We brought her home, named her Sheba, got her fixed and she became my baby. I actually don't recall if Sheba ever killed any rodents, but she was the queen (well the princess anyway) in our house and we all loved her.

Fast forward five or so years and one extremely cold and dreary December on a Sunday evening, just a week or so before Christmas, I was busy doing the week's laundry. Since I hate doing laundry more than anything in the world, I would procrastinate and it would take me a full weekend to complete the chore. Hubby is a construction worker so his work clothes are always the last load to do. Around 10:00 or so I took the load of his clothes out to the garage to throw them in the dryer and discovered that the dryer door was open and the load of towels sitting in it were still wet. CRAP. I knew that I would have to wait for these towels to dry so that I could throw Hubby's clothes in the dryer and so I slammed the dryer door and turned it on. Went back in the house, bitching and moaning that I had to stay up past my bedtime while everyone was tucked safely and warmly into their beds.

About one hour or so later, that procrastination thing again, I went out in the garage to switch the loads. The dryer was still running and pretty hot and when I opened the door and bent over to pull the towels out, a scene straight from the exorcist happened right in front of my eyes! My cat, my beautiful Sheba, had apparently been in the dryer with the towels when I slammed the door and turned it on. And she had been cycling for an hour! After my blood curdling scream and panicky run to wake Hubby, he was able to get her out and she was a horrible mess but still alive. In my panic I called 9-1-1 to find out what to do and they sent me to an all night emergency animal hospital. I was too freaked to handle it so Hubby took Sheba and they assured him that they could make her all better, just give them $500 now. We were so distraught that we gave them the money and then stayed up all night crying and consoling each other while calling the hospital every hour on the hour. The emergency hospital closed at 7 am and they told us we would need to have her picked up before then.

We finally went to bed around 2:00 in the morning since Hubby had to leave for work at 5 am. As Hubby left, I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard a loud boom and felt the house rock. With just a towel I ran out to the front yard and as I watched Hubby's tail lights driving up the street I heard a horrible hissing sound and discovered that as Hubby was pulling his trailer from the side of the house he had hit the gas meter and broken it. My first thought was explosion and getting my kids out of the house. I ran hysterically back into the house and threw on the first clothes I came to and quickly woke C1 and C2 up and screamed at them to get dressed and ran and grabbed C3 from his crib as we all dashed out of the house, shoeless, to the neighbors house across the street.

The house caught fire and since this was during the pre-cell phone era, the only way to get a hold of Hubby was to send my Dad to his job and I asked my Mom to go pick up the cat. During the aftermath my Mom came back with the cat (in the trunk of her car) and pulled me aside and told me that the cat looked pretty bad and she was taking it directly to her vet. The vet ended up assuring us that it was much more humane to put Sheba to sleep and couldn't believe the emergency hospital had not made the same suggestion.

We were soon moving into an apartment because our house was uninhabitable and I was explaining to my children that within a mere 24 hours their house had almost burnt down and I had murdered the beloved Sheba. Many, many tears were shed and shortly after my BFF and several others went on a mad hunt to find a replacement Sheba. Finally a replacement was found but with one problem, she was a he. I went to the shelter were he had been located, fell in love again, had him fixed and soon brought him home and he was quickly christened 'Sheba Two'. I never divulged that she was a he until many, many years later when I was called out. Thankfully, eventually the children forgave my deception. She/He is still my princess and will be 14 years old this Christmas. Well at least that's one good thing to celebrate at Christmas!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser on The Biggest Loser

As you know I am just a tad bit addicted to this show and I work my schedule around it. I know, weird right? There's got to be more people out there like me, how can you NOT watch this show? I could probably be considered the biggest loser that watches The Biggest Loser since I sit on my couch every Tuesday evening for two solid hours, stuffing my face with chocolate donuts while totally entranced with this show...

BUT, last night's episode about did me in. I am actually surprised that NBC is allowing such tasteless contestants to remain on the show. This show, while a contest, hasn't ever been just about winning, it has been about losing weight and cheering your fellow contestants on in their journey to lose weight. That is what I love about this show, watching the transformation of these people, cheering them on and feeling true emotion for each of them. Yes, there has always been a competitive edge to it, it is a game, but there has never been such mean spirited, down right nastiness as there has been this season.

I've been extremely disgusted with Heba the Heifer from the very beginning. She just has no class whatsoever and is just a mean spirited bitch. Many times I've wanted to crawl right into my TV just to bitch slap her.


I've had my eye on that evil Vicky and her pussy whipped husband Brady too and after last night's episode, not only do I want to bitch slap this evil, vile woman, but I'd like to permanently erase her and that gawd awful smirk of hers right off the face of the planet.

She's just plain evil and thankfully her lack of character hubby got the big old boot off the show last night, which made me giddy. Yea for Amy C for standing up for herself and doing what was right. And take that Vicky, just see who your real friends are next week, you don't think Heba and her loser husband are going to stand by you do you? They'll stab you in the back faster than lightening. I hope your Miss Piggy face gets kicked right off the show next week, you deserve it. Personally if I was as mean and vile as you, I would be afraid to ever go out in public again because you have let an entire nation see just what kind of person you are. A no class, vile, evil woman. Your poor children. I hope once you actually see how you acted, both of you, on this show that you come to realize that you are not very likable people and you have some serious issues.

So who is The Biggest Loser on The Biggest Loser, place your vote now:


Heba the Heifer



Miss Piggy, aka Vicky

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Highway of Heroes

Last night as I was watching the news on NBC, I saw the following story and was brought to tears. Gut-wrenching, sobbing uncontrollably tears. This shook me to the core.

Tears because I grieved for the families involved, tears because I was so touched by the Canadian people and their tribute to their slain soldiers and tears for our country and our soldiers that we so easily dismiss for their service. It saddens me that our country, which has lost many, many more soldiers during this horrible war, doesn't pay near as much tribute to our slain soldiers as the people of Canada. God Bless the people of Canada.

Take a few moments to watch this now and then take a few moments to say a prayer for all of our soldiers. Those that are still here with us, and those that have passed. Today is Veteran's Day, something I sadly admit that I never paid much attention to, but after seeing this last night I will now, and forever, pay tribute to those who have fought for our country and those who continue to fight. May God Bless them all and their families.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Undefeated - Sweet...

Well for some friggin reason I couldn't get into Blogger yesterday, which is sort of ironic because I was actually thinking about telling everyone that keeping up with two blogs versus one was overwhelming my pea brain and I was going to move to Blogger full time... Well, hmmmm...

Anyhow, we had our final football game Wednesday night and we WON! The best football season I have ever witnessed - undefeated! It was an awesome game and my throat still hurts from screaming and cheering! Of course, while C3 is always my hero, he was a real hero of the game! It was a very close and tight game and the other team was determined to knock us off our feet. With 1:20 left on the clock, the score was 12-7 (we had the 12) and the other team had the ball. It was the 4th down and their quarterback threw a 'hail mary' pass and C3 INTERCEPTED IT ON THE 1 YARD LINE!

Talk about a magical, awesome moment! He saved the game, with his grandma and big brother and cousins watching, as well as the 'girl'! It was the perfect ending to the perfect season and I must admit that I am a little sad that once again football is over for another year,

Here's to my hero (and excuse the pictures C1 obviously can't hold a camera still!):

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Date...

I'm sure you have all been waiting breathlessly to hear about 'The Date' - so here you go...

Wasn't really all that exciting (for me anyway). We went to the little girl's house to exchange the mums and take pictures. Here they are:

She was kind of cute, although I didn't notice her boobies until they were pointed out to me this morning - thanks friend! She was also very polite and sweet.

I drove them to Chili's. C3 sat in the front and she sat in the back, which was weird but it probably would have been weirder if they both sat in the back and I was in the front alone. We were all involved in the conversation and I wasn't just driving feeling stupid, which was nice.

The plan was that when they were almost finished and had their check he would call me and I would come pick them up. This was about 6:30 or so. I went home and started making dinner because I had some chicken that HAD to be cooked and about half way through that at 7:12 he called and asked me to come get them. That was a really short date.

I arrived and they sat in the same spots and again there was lively banter. As I was turning into her apartment parking lot, I was getting a little nervous, did I park in a spot or just pull up in front of her door? Hmmm...

I decided to pull up in front of her door, but pulled forward so that I couldn't actually see her door. C3 got out of the car like a perfect gentleman and opened her door for her. She said goodbye to me, the door was shut and there was small talk and then silence... My heart was palpitating but I didn't look, I don't really want to know, not at all.

C3 got back in the car all Mr. Smooth and kept up his banter until we got home. So that was it. I didn't totally freak out, although I thought I might, and I liked her up until this morning when I noticed that she has boobies. Not really, I don't dislike her, but this booby thing might be a problem...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Wow, you've all made me feel like I really do live in the Twilight Zone! Seriously, none of you have ever seen or heard of the Homecoming Mum? That blows me away...

So I guess the winner of that bet was Sarah. She swore to me that it was the weirdest thing she had ever heard or seen and she bet that nobody in Blog Land would have heard of it either. And she was right. Do you hear that music?

Dododododododododo.... Freaky place, this land called Texas.

So did you vote? Hmmm? I don't care one way or another who you voted for or what you voted for, just hope you voted. No bitching allowed if you don't cast a vote...

Tonight - the mum drop off at the 'girls' house, to include picture taking and then (GASP) he wants to take her to Chili's for dinner. Alone. WTF? How did this happen? Would this be a real date? I'm not ready for a real date, not ready at all. ARGHH!!

If you are all nice, I will share pictures of the mum drop, but you have to be nice...

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Story of the Mum

First things first... Does anyone know the final football score of the #1 Texas Longhorns vs. #7 Texas Tech? Hmmm.... That would be TEXAS TECH 39 - Texas Longhorns 33 - GO RED RAIDERS!!!!! We won, We won, We won... Happy Dancing....

Okay, enough of that.

I have just today learned that this high school football thing and all the hoopla we make of it is apparently just a Texas thing. I thought that everyone made a big deal out of high school football. WTH? There are traditions and rules that we all know and we faithfully follow them, never daring to stray and I just assumed it was this way everywhere. I've been recently told, NOT.

First, there is homecoming and the MUM. The mum is major source of pride, one without a mum is a loser. Boy asks girl to homecoming and then presents her with a mum. The girl presents boy with miniature mum that is worn on the arm. Mums can cost anywhere from $50 to several HUNDREDS of dollars. As is everything in Texas, the BIGGER the BETTER. We mothers of male children take great pride in making sure OUR mum, the one we allow our male children to give away to the girl, to be the BEST and the BIGGEST mum. The beauty of the mum is directly related to the standing in society for the MOTHER, no mother wants HER mum to be the ugliest...

Normally months and months are spent in preparation of making the mum, but last night at exactly 5:42 PM, C3 informs me that he is taking a girl to homecoming and he needs a mum. When is homecoming you ask? Uh, that would be this WEDNESDAY! SCREEEEECHHHHHH! WTF?

So I get my old mum box out (the box that has been under my bed with mum stuff for the past 12 years) and see that I don't have enough stuff to make the mum. Luckily when BFF moved this summer she left me her box of mum stuff, grab it, but there is only ONE flower (yes artificial mums are used). I can't do a single mum, that would be humiliating for the girl, that would mean that the boy and the mother don't really LIKE her. Grab purse and car keys and run to the nearest craft store. BRAKE! The nearest craft store which thankfully is open until 7:00 PM, is now the nearest SCRAPBOOKING STORE! WTF? I quickly ask where the mum stuff is located and they all sneer at me like I am a complete idiot! Hello, mum season is over since this is the LAST game of regular season! What to do?

Okay, I've done this before, what can I use in this store to make it work? I will punt. I will make the BEST mum possible with whatever I can find. I picked and plotted in my head and grabbed and stuffed and loaded myself down and I DID IT! I made the coolest last minute mum ever.

For those of you that don't know what a mum is - here it is, in all it's glory, made in 3 hours last night with my handy glue gun and my trusty stapler...

The Mum...

In sections...

Not my best work, but it will do.

So here are a few of the 'rules' that must be followed for Homecoming and Football, for all you nay-sayers and doubters (and you know who you are):

1. Mum must be measured to girl so that the ribbons touch floor but do not drag on the floor while pinned to her chest (and strapped around her neck because it could very possible weigh more than her).

2. Mum must show the individuality of both girl and boy, for example girl in this situation plays soccer (notice soccer ball stickers on white ribbon to the right?).

3. Mum can be a single, double, triple or heart shaped but BIGGER is always BETTER.

4. Seniors only may wear the traditional white & silver mum. But ONLY seniors. If a senior boy asks a lower classmen girl to Homecoming, she is NOT allowed to wear the white & silver mum.

5. The mum is worn proudly through the halls of the school during the day of football game, then proudly paraded, boastfully at the game and then again to the dance.

6. It is imperative that girl wearing the mum must find and come to say hello to the mother of the boy that gave her the mum, so the other mothers can gawk and be jealous of the craftiness and beauty of said mum.

7. Girls can NOT wear the boy's coordinating football jersey to game. This right is reserved for mothers of senior boys ONLY (this was really for those naysayers...).

So there you have it, the story of the mum. More pictures later of the big event later...