Friday, March 11, 2011

So I skipped a few days...

Was really trying to get back here on a semi/quasi/dailyish basis and then once again - life happened.

Work has been busy. I'm hiring and firing them left and right. Anyone want a job? I pay good and I'm really not that big of a bitch, I swear, just expect you to SHOW UP and SELL INSURANCE. Really, that's all I ask. Sigh...

True story - today I fired one that I let hang on WAY too long, but sometimes you just keep hoping that they'll turn it around. Personally this woman grated on my every single nerve and I would have let her go a long time ago but my partner kept telling me to let her have one more chance... So for the eighth time in less than 4 months she calls in sick yesterday. I haven't called in sick 8 times in 4 years - wtf? Anyway, I fire her this morning and actually felt very calm and knew that I had made the right decision. Believe it or not, it's not easy firing people and normally it's a gut wrenching, horrific experience for me more than them.

Anyhoo, let her go, sent her packing and went to let the other troops know that she was gone and why she was gone (maybe they will get the hint that I expect them to show up and work?). Morning moving along nicely and at lunch time I decided to go sit in the lunchroom with them to let them know I'm a team player, a little morale booster, ya know? THE STORIES THEY TOLD ME! YEEGADS!

Apparently this woman and her husband were 'swingers' and not only had she offered her 'services' to everyone in the office (throwing up in my mouth right now), she has a website where the 'solicit' other swingers, (again throwing up in my mouth), and they spend their weekends 'meeting' new couples and 'swinging' with them all weekend (ewwww.... threw up for real this time). I mean first, you would have to have met this woman and seen this woman AND her husband to realize how gross and nasty this is (again...) but to 'solicit' my other employees - yikes! Thank goodness I let her go so nobody sued me for a perverted work enviroment!

I mean WTF??????? (once again...)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Things not to be bitter about…

So I flew to Houston this morning to be with my friend Tammy for her visit at MD Anderson.  As always happens when I travel alone I find such fun and adventure… Not.

So lucky me first thing this morning going through security and I get chosen to be one of the elite that gets to enjoy the pleasure of THE FULL BODY SCAN…  I actually feel sorry for those people that got to see my x-rayed naked body, hope they hadn’t eaten recently because I’m pretty sure the were dry-heaving after that… Actually gave me quite the perverted pleasure thinking about them all lining up at the toilets…

I did get my coveted aisle seat, which is a necessity when you a) have extremely long legs that make it almost impossible to sit on an airplane and b) are a severe claustrophobic and don’t like being in an enclosed space with people touching you or breathing on you…

However my coveted spot did have it’s downside, as it always does, because it seems I am a magnet for either a) deaf mothers with uncontrollable screaming children or b) smelly men.  Hooray for me the smelly men won out this go round.  It appears the five gentlemen sitting in the seats directly in front of me had a little contest this morning to see who could wear the most of the strongest, most disgusting smelling cologne.  I was so praying for that oxygen mask to drop from the sky…

But better yet, little dude next to me that probably only weighed 80 pounds soaking wet, could never be weighed soaking wet because I don’t believe he has ever let water or soap touch his rancid smelling body...  Go me!

I do believe airlines should go back to the good ole’ chauvinistic days of flight attendants being cute, little sexy things and re-institute a weight limit for them.  Yes, I actually said that.  Why, you ask?  Because if the extremely large, male flight attendant’s ass hit me in the face once, it hit me about 2 dozen times as he walked past me in my coveted seat…  Nice.

Of course this sounds like another blog about things to be bitter about, but it’s not I assure you.  Why?  Because the sole purpose of coming to Houston was to be with my friend and possibly share in her disappointment, has turned in to a rather Grande day for me (and her of course)!

After enduring my enjoyable travel experience, we won’t even go into the rental car fiasco, and then waiting hours upon hours for her while she was in her doctor’s appointment, we learned that there is an experimental drug that she can be placed on that has had a high success rate of reducing or stabilizing the growth of the kind of cancer she has.  Can I get a “THANK YOU SWEET JESUS”?

Yes, after months and months of every kind of torture possible she will begin taking this new drug tomorrow and must be back in Fort Worth at 9:00 am to have her base Cat Scan and begin the treatments.  It’s not necessarily a cure, but there have been people that have been on this drug for up to 10 years and done remarkably well in stabilizing the growth of the cancer.

I am beyond ecstatic and full of joy and now I get to sit here in Houston this evening all alone because they are rushing back to Fort Worth to start our new plan tomorrow.  But I’d rather sit here alone being happy than holding her hand and crying our eyes out.  Looks like I will have a long day tomorrow doing nothing waiting for the business dinner I have scheduled at 7:00.

But I’m not bitter, not one little bit!