Thursday, July 22, 2010

Really, it's been a month????

oops... a whole month has passed since my last entry...  How did that happen? 

Quick catch-up, still no flooring in the one big happy room and after the bids I've gotten you should all be happy that I'm not in jail for murdering my husband for destroying my little happy home...

C3 and I went on vacation to sunny Florida and had the BEST time ever and I came back all tan and happy.  Then I went back to work...  However, in addition to having the BEST time ever, we also had the great honor and pleasure of spending some quality time with my blog buddy from the very beginning!  Some of you may know her as Plain Jane and some of you may know her as Connie, I luckily know her personally and cannot even begin to tell you how lovely and sweet she is.  And a wonderful hostess!  Her daughter is adorable and precious and just as pretty and sweet as her mother. 

Me and My Friend

Thank you sweet lady for a wonderful time!

Have other developments to share, but time has run out for today...  But I will give you two hints...

Bella Zoey