Friday, January 09, 2009

Enough Awards Already

Catching up on a whole week worth of blog reading I discovered that I got a damn award from the wonderful Mrs. K! and apparently I must share it and pass it here goes:

For this award I must list five addictions (Please NOTE I have given this MUCH thought):

1. Eskimo Pies
2. The Biggest Loser (Yes I was watching and yes I was saying HOLY SHIT!)
3. Diamonds
4. 800 count sheets
5. Tylenol PM

Ok so now I must pass it on...since Mrs. K didn't share the rules because SHE FORGOT THEM, I guess I am supposed to share this SO, I give this to the following women:

Hawkeye Chick
June Cleaver Clone
and anyone else that wants a damn award...


Anonymous said...

ok the guy that last like 40lbs in 2 weeks? the folds and folds and folds of masses of skin? HOLY SHIT. Try skinny cow. MUCH BETTER than eskimo pies, you can eat a whole box in one day and still not feel like a cow! :)

so sue me :) I hear ya- I'm done with those award thingies

Jane! said...

Aw gee whiz Kat, I don't know what to say. That's a first, huh?
Only 5 addictions.... hm.

BBB said...

Congrats on the award. I'm such a blog slacker these days I'll never win an award. That's okay though. I AM getting ready to do an update though. I know. Don't fall over.


Becca said...

Congrats on the award, with the year you have had, you deserve a real award!

Small Town Girl said...

Award, huh? I'll have to take care of this later.

Hawkeye Chick said...

Gee, I'm so honored!! I will save this for one of those days where I have nothing to post...maybe. :)

Small Town Girl said...

OH, I see, I'm a slacker, but I didn't see you explaining to me how to put that button thing on there! Plus, I added two bonus addictions, so that should make me even, right?