Monday, February 23, 2009

Cruising Day Eight - the end of the line

We are finally at the Port in Galveston!  Our scheduled departure is not until 10:00 am but I am up and at 'em at 7:00 am - I want OFF this boat!  Have my last day of coffee on my balcony, and take my final, parting shot:

Cruise 2009 052

However I had to RUSH back inside to change into sweats and tennis shoes because it was 42 friggin degrees!  Spent the rest of the morning hurrying up and waiting and standing in long line after long line.  It took FOREVER to get off that damn boat.  The whole process took us until NOON to finally get to our car for the long drive home.

Although it was a stressful process, only because I wanted OFF that damn boat, it was a wonderful feeling to be back on land, even though I knew it would be at least another 6 hours before I was finally HOME!

I don't think I would ever take a long cruise like this again, I'm too much of a homebody to be gone that long, I do admit that it was a good time.  As much as I dreaded this trip and thought I would never make it through, I am glad that I let myself enjoy it.  Just don't tell anyone!


Betsy said...

please don't complain about a cruise...ever. Isn't grand cayman AMAZING???? It could be one of the most perfect tropical paradises EVER. I have been on pretty much this same cruise before. I agree...Jamaica is nasty nasty nasty....dirty and people harass you and it just doesn't feel safe. But Cayman...ahhh...I wish I were there!!

Jenn said...

Welcome back!

Small Town Girl said...

Well I'm just SO happy that you had a MUCH better time than you thought you would. :) And, of course, you looked fabulous doing it! But I'm just happy you're back.

Jess said...

Even though you desperately wanted off the boat, I still really want to go on a cruise. Welcome home!

ZooKeeper said...

I agree with Jess, whole-heartedly. I wonder if I can talk J into a cruise next year? Of course, I want to go to Mexico and he thinks if he wanted to see Mexicans, he can just drive by the nearest Home Depot. Men!

Bev said...

I am so glad you are back and that you had a reasonably good time. The pictures make me want to go on a cruise and that just isn't in our cards for a long while. Too many other things going on.

Have a great rest of your week!

Lulu said...

I've never really thought the whole cruise thing was for me....and after hearing your opionion, I think I'll skip it all together.

Like you, I prefer to stay home. Oh, and lets not forget that I can't freaking swim!!