Monday, February 23, 2009

Cruising Day Five

We arrived in Jamaica around 9:00 am and headed off on our day trip to Negril Beach.  Not sure if any of you have ever been to Jamaica, but I have to tell you it was NASTY and extremely depressing.  I thought I had seen some harsh poverty in the many times that I have visited different areas of Mexico, but this place topped them all.  There was nothing pretty about this place, nothing.

We hired a private bus and tour guide to take us to Negril which was about an hour and half drive, the sights were so depressing.  We were traveling to Margaritaville in Negril and before we arrived we were given strict instructions on NOT walking anywhere alone, NOT leaving the fenced in area of the beach and NOT purchasing anything from ANYONE without our guide next to our side.  Talk about stress!  We were all too petrified to have a good time.

We did manage to get a big kick out of one of the  ladies in our group when she smelled a 'skunk.'  Uh, hello, that would be some Mary Jane fumes my dear!  Too funny!  Never would have crossed this old hippy chick that not everyone had smelled that before!

The lunch at Margaritaville was the WORST meal I had by far and I actually spit the first bite of my burger into my napkin and decided I would wait to eat until we got back on the boat.  Definitely thinking that was NOT beef... The tour guide never let any of us out of her sight.

After lunch we went to the local shopping area where we were again given STRICT instructions not to leave the tour guide's side AT ALL.  Of course we didn't listen and all veered off into other shops and she was freaking out.  All in all, not a very good time.  Had camera with me but managed not to take a single pic - too stressed.

Once back on board had a short catnap until it was time to dress for dinner.  The dress chosen for the evening definitely needed the Spanx but after stuffing my face, yet again, I had to actually go change into another dress so I could let it all hang out, my fat that is.  Somehow managed to not get a picture of either one! Ugh!

Went dancing again, and had the BEST time ever.  Much more of this and I will definitely need double hip replacement!  After dancing until 2:00 am and sweating like a stuck pig, made it back to my room to discover that we had no water OR air and would not have any until around 6:00 am.  EEEWWWW!  Had to try to sleep without showering or taking makeup off, with just the breeze from the ocean to cool off, NASTY!  The good news, no stopping anywhere the following morning so I could sleep as late as I wanted to!


Tricia said...

No clue why my last comment posted twice.

You know, I have not heard 1 good thing about Jamaica ever. From anybody. I have only heard the food sucks, very trashy and horrible rude people.

Mrs. K said...

funny- and my ex's jamaican wife says i'm trashy because i'm a rican'.