Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Menopause Sucks

  • I'm not unhappy, yet I'm not happy.
  • I'm not sad, yet I feel no joy.
  • I'm lethargic, yet I'm not tired.
  • I'm bored, yet I have plenty to do.
  • I want to write, yet I have nothing to say.
  • I want to exercise, yet I just sit on my ass
  • I want to talk to people, yet I cringe every time the phone rings.
  • I don't want to rage at people, yet I'd like to claw someones eyes out right now.
  • I want drugs, yet I don't want drugs.
  • I want to be not hot and sweaty, yet I freeze when I turn the air on.

I could go on and on, yet it is suffice to say Menopause SUCKS...


Tracie said...

oh crap, I must be menopausal too!

Except for the drugs, and i'm usually freezing all the time, but everything else fits!!

Small Town Girl said...

Other than the whole menopause thing and the drug thing you sound exactly how I was feeling a couple weeks ago. I'm starting to come out of it now, but I think the weather has a lot to do with that!

Pat said...

Hate to tell you this it's Menapause!! It sucks big time.
I'm still doing all the things you said and you would think it would leave me the hell alone since I feel like I've paid my dues!!! Get the patch if they will give it to you . It helps so much. They won't give it to me anymore because I was on it for 5 years. It does work!! Especially with the sweats and hot flashes!!! Me I'm chewing some acorn crumbs or something from the health food store. does not work so don't spend your money there. Love ya and hope it leaves you soon. Hugs, Pat

Jane! said...

WHY would you not want the drugs? That must be the menopausal insanity talking.

giggles said...

you just described me to a T.

Bev said...

Boy, did you describe Meno to a T! I feel for ya my friend and know those feelings all too well. Hang in there! I think it only FEELS like this will last forever. It does get better, doesn't it?

Hugs to you!

flooz said...

My mother had a hysterectomy at age 38--they immediately started giving her estrogen--this was way back in 1962 or so. She actually continued her estrogen right up until she had her stroke. Since we knew her before estrogen and after estrogen, we thanked God for estrogen every day. I still take estrogen and progesterone--I'm grateful that my docs allow me to make the choice, as they would have preferred to take me off it after the big fuss made a few years ago. PMS and menopause are both a breeze if you can just remove all irritants from your life (including family members). But gee, one misses them terribly, so . . . not my first choice for treatment. I take only the teeniest amount made in pill form, and then only every other day. I still experience some hot flashes (and it ain't enough that you're hot, I discovered I turn fuscia also, something I didn't realize until I had a flash in front of a mirror). Whatever you decide, I hope you feel better soon!