Monday, June 22, 2009

Well you didn’t ask, but here is 20 reasons why I am bitchy today. You'd better sit down, this might be a long one.

1) Went out to dinner Friday night and we had a horrible waiter and the restaurant (Chili’s) was dirty and the bathroom was disgusting which made me not want to eat my food. Ordered an appetizer which never came, “Oh forgot about that…” he said. NEVER got a refill on our drinks and I had to actually get up and go find the dude and beg for the check. Very small tip for him.

2) Hubby somehow hurt his knee and has been whining and complaining since Friday (STFU already, made him make his own appointment – go me – and he will be going to doc at 2:00 today) so I was driving home. It was dark, I do not see well in the dark, and nearing my exit there was a broke down car on the side of the road which I was carefully trying to avoid. Said car had a blowout and low and behold the tire was right in my lane and it was too late to do anything but hit it. At the VERY moment I saw it and cannot possibly do anything, Hubby screams “Watch out for the tire” – no shit Sherlock. To which I proceeded to retort – “Watch out for the tire? Could you have said something before I hit it?” To which he retorted “you’re such a bitch” – and it went down from there.

3) Said tire that I ran over proceeded to – guess, just guess – make me have a blowout. ARGHHH. Not really a blowout but it broke the stem on the tire and deflated the tire but I was so busy arguing with my stupid husband that I didn’t realize it until we were on our street. Fiasco.

4) Saturday morning Hubby got up to go get tire fixed which turned into a major ordeal because our Nissan dealership insists that you have an appointment to fix anything, so he took it to Discount Tire and they fixed it, FOR FREE.

5) Electrician that was supposed to come to our house on Saturday and run electricity to the deck, install ceiling fan, install our surround sound and mount the TV in the bedroom, all in one day, He completed only getting electricity wired to deck. Since this was BIL’s friend and he owed BIL $800, he was doing the whole job for; you guessed it, $800. We were to pay BIL, which we did, and now have tons of work left not completed. This does not make me a happy camper but doesn’t faze the Asshole Husband.

6) Asshole hubby was an Asshole all day on Saturday and was even rude to very pregnant SIL and dared to ask her how much she weighed – what an Asshole! Which btw she finally gave birth yesterday to my new godson (YES she asked ME to be the Godmother! too bad she also asked Asshole hubby to be the Godfather) at 12:59 pm.

7) At 6:00 pm Asshole hubby decides to start staining/waterproofing the deck and was making quite the ruckus about doing it. So after preparing dinner, I proceeded to go outside to help. He started on one end of the railing and I started on the other end. He proceeded to get one section (4 feet people) done and said he was done with that. I, in an effort to a) not be in the house with him and b) to show him up, proceeded to put on my iPod earphones and complete the entire railing BY MYSELF. Took me 4 hours but was mighty proud of myself.

8) Asshole hubby wakes me up at 6:30 AM yesterday morning by mowing the yard, I’m certain my neighbors hate him too.

9) Got up and dressed and planned to go to the cemetery before church to visit my Dad. Got a call from MIL who asked what was wrong with my mother because she didn’t look good at church and one of her friends told MIL that she wasn’t going to breakfast (something she does every Sunday and has for like 20 years, even went the Sunday after Dad died) because she didn’t feel good. Thank goodness for gossipers at church. Call my mother and she is crying (not something my mother does, ever) and told me she didn’t know what was wrong but she didn’t feel good and wanted to go back to the ER. Told me my sister was coming to take her but since I was out I went over there and she didn’t look good. Bitchy sister showed up and asked “are you taking her?” to which I told her no, I had to drive C3 to Denton (an hour drive) to football camp but keep me updated. She retorts that she really doesn’t want to sit up there alone. GAH. Call and wake little bro up and ask him to please go with.

10) Go to church, little bro keeps texting me to call him, and so I go to the restroom and call him and he tells that they are doing a spinal tap, trying to rule out meningitis and mother is hysterical. My mother does NOT get hysterical, so I begin to worry and get an upset stomach.

11) Get home from church, pack up C3s crap and ask Asshole hubby if he wants to go with me but he doesn’t understand why I don’t ask one of the ‘other parents’ to take him. Uh, this is my baby and he is not going to a 3 day camp in far city without me taking him and getting him settled. I don’t care how old he is. So I leave to drive him myself.

12) Got that taken care of and I am driving home about 4 pm when little bro texts me and says that they are sending mother home, don’t have a clue what is wrong with her but think she needs to go to a rheumatologist, WTFever that is. Text him back that I am driving back and will stop by the house.

13) Stopped and shopped because I needed the retail therapy, bad.

14) Decide to stop at the house and a) pee and b) cook dinner real quick because a) I need to pee and b) I’m hungry and c) I could take some to my mother. Bitchy sister calls and says “Where are you at? I thought you were coming over here. I haven’t eaten all day long and I’d like to leave.” I say, “I’m sorry I stopped at the house to pee and make dinner for mom, can she not be left alone?” to which she retorts “She’s sleeping and I can’t just leave while she is sleeping.” To which I respond “Well I left my keys over there this morning, please find somewhere to put them and I’ll be there as soon as I can and just wake her up and tell her you are leaving.” To which she retorts “THANKS KAT” and precedes TO FUCKING HANG UP ON ME! OH. NO. SHE. DIDN’T.

15) I turn off the grill and proceed to jump my happy ass into my car and speed over there while calling my little bro’s wife and cry and complain and bitch… She’s my sounding board, PTL for her.

16) Get to my mother’s house and march my happy ass in and tell my sister “OKAY Princess, you are off duty now, excuse me for taking SO LONG!” And she say’s “What’s wrong?” OH. NO. SHE. DIDN’T.

17) I proceed to tell her that “she has no right to hang up on me and that the last time I looked there were 5 other siblings that she could have called and I think I have been doing pretty much more than my share taking care of MY mother and if it was too much for her to handle, she could feel free to leave because I was there to continue doing it!” Then she wants to talk about it - and she “didn’t mean to upset me” and “she didn’t realize she hung up on me” and blah, blah, blah. I told her to kiss my ass and to please leave because I had NOTHING to say to her. And in the process woke up my mother – damn.

18) She left, I took care of my mother and had a nervous breakdown and cried like a baby (which btw typing this is making me do THAT again) and tell my mom that I was worried about her and Father’s Day sucks and they should abolish the holiday and I never got to go to the cemetery and now I feel horrible. She sent me home and told me she was fine and she’d make an appointment first thing in the morning. GAWD I’m a loser.

19) Went home and cried myself to sleep.

20) Got up this morning and took the car to the dealership because the “Tire Flat” light was still on even after having tire repaired. Them sonsofbitches, would not LOOK at my car because I did not have an appointment. Told them to kiss my ass and drove off. Went to Discount Tire and they checked all my tires and told me that sorry, it must be a computer glitch because the light won’t go off but my tires are fine and don’t worry about driving the car. Great, now I have to call them sonsofbitches and make an appointment...

Betcha, you’re glad you didn’t ask why I was bitchy today now, aren’t you?


Mrs. K said...

First off #5- you owe $800 for a job half assed done!? oh no you don't!

You and G seem to have the same problem and I had a sit down with him last night...I told him he needs to grow a set with his brothers and let others take care of his mother and be her whipping post because the poor thing is being worn down. And I'm tired of it.

Susan said...

Wow. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. I would have been a wreck by the time it was all over and probably would have curled up in the fetal position, cried myself to sleep, and not crawled out of bed for three days. Kudos to you for getting through it all!

Small Town Girl said...

Did you (or them) reset the tire light? I know on my car it won't just go off when you fix whatever problem, you have to physically re-set the sensor. Check in your book for directions. If you can fix it it'd be a lot cheaper than going to the dealer!

meg said...

I almost wish the bag in the photo was weed- sounds like you need a hit (it's spearmint tea, btw- add it to my ice tea brew)
Hugs, Chica

3carnations said...

Wow. I'm so sorry for all of that.

And seriously? Your husband mows at 6:30AM. That's probably in violation of noise ordinances.

Tracie said...

Well, shit! No wonder!

Becca said...

Wow, I hope that the rest of your week goes better than this, you sure do need a break!

flooz said...

OMG, it is the malignant miasma, don't you see--you have it now! There's nothing you can do but remain silent until it lifts (silence will somewhat limit the after-affects, but not totally). I ran into another one of those situations where methods have changed and nobody told me. I got angry w/the poor person who had to tell me this and then found out her office HAD put the word out, but the person in my department who was supposed to tell me forgot to. I think she now owes the person I got angry with an apology for my outburst, don't you? I get so tired of undoing stuff my mouth does--I am going to take to wearing duct tape instead of lipstick from now on.

Lulu said...

Phew....I hope today is better!!