Monday, July 20, 2009

The Great Debate

I'm not really wanting to get into 'The Great Debate' regarding the proposed Healthcare Reform Bill... HOWEVER, since it does totally effect (or is it affect, crap?) my livelyhood I will throw in my two cents worth. Well actually if it is passed, that might be all I have left to my name...

First and foremost, unlike most of the American public, including the Congress, Senate and most likely, President Obama, I read the friggin 1018 page proposed bill (again, my livelihood...). Quite honestly, it SCARES THE HELL out of me on many, many levels.

The first being (ref. pages 16-17) if this bill passes as written, it essentially will destroy the health insurance industry as a whole. Seriously. Because if you DO NOT have health insurance coverage IF this bill passes, you are shit out of luck and MUST take the government plan, regardless of the cost or coverage. If you DO have health insurance coverage, let's hope you like it and it's good coverage because IF the bill passes, you are STUCK with that insurance UNLESS you move over to the government plan, forever. IF you are brave enough to move to the government plan, once again you are STUCK with that plan, forever, and won't be able to move back to a private health insurance carrier. EVER.

Secondly, IF this bill is to pass, as written, it will essentially shut the entire health insurance industry down. HOW? Because the health insurance companies will no longer be able to solicit new health insurance policies AS OF THE DAY THE BILL PASSES. Thus, they will no longer need health insurance agents, marketing people, administrative people, etc. and eventually they will no longer be able to pay your claims because without bringing NEW BUSINESS in the door and only PAYING OUT CLAIMS they will go bankrupt and shut their doors, thus leaving 100's of 1000's of MORE people unemployed creating an even worse economy and more taxes for all the employed American's to pay for all of us welfare recipients.

Third, the government health plan, which by the way the President nor the members of the House or Senate have elected to be a part of (because they're special you know), will not only cost you more in premium dollars but will also have a minimum of $5,000 deductible for individuals and $10,000 for families. Do you have an extra $5k or $10K laying around to pony up BEFORE the plan pays for any healthcare? I don't.

Fourth, of the 47 million uninsured Americans today, the VAST majority of them choose NOT to pay for insurance and that is their right. Granted there are MANY that can't afford to pay for insurance and I am totally for giving them government assistance, ALL FOR IT. However, I am NOT in agreement that we should give all illegal aliens in this country FREE insurance and FREE healthcare and paying for it out of my own pocket. They don't pay taxes, why do I have to pay more taxes so that they get this free coverage?

Fifth, I do not want ANYONE, except me and my doctor, deciding HOW and WHAT the best course of treatment for me is. NOBODY. As a member of a FREE society, in a nation that FREEDOM is the basis of the constitution, I should have a right to choose not only my healthcare options and treatment but I should have the right to choose my own insurance plan, if I WANT an insurance plan.

And finally, the total cost of this healthcare bill alone, not including all the bailouts and bullshit that we are already bankrolling, just this healthcare reform alone, will not just be paid for by you and me, but it will set this country back so much that not only will my children be paying for it, not just my grandchildren, but my great grandchildren will be paying for it.

I am a Democrat, I voted for Obama, but I want this madness to end. Seriously.


Becca said...

I think that if this passes this is one more step into the socialization of America. Talk about a Nanny state, we are going to become the Nanny Country. I have insurance that I am bound and determined to keep. I do not think that it is right for me to have to open my wallet and spread the wealth so that illegals get health care and other assorted benefits without being legal residents. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a crime to work hard and earn a good living. It is not greedy or selfish, like the democrats in control would have us believe. How many people can honestly say that they have worked for the same company for more than 25 years? Really. I think that this administration needs to get their head out of their nether regions and do what is right, not what is right now. Not bankrupt us and generations down the road. JMHO.

Becca said...

And I can say with a very clear conscience I did not vote for Obama.

Dory said...

Kat - not having read the bill, I can only go on the points you've outlined here. And what I've heard in the very slanted news....

I think it's a big giant mistake and I hope and pray that there is enough opposition that this will NOT happen. Putting the bums rush on it, to try to move it along so quickly should be a BIG red flag. IF it is in the best interest of our country (which I don't think it is... but IF) then it needs to be WELL THOUGHT OUT and written as such so that we are not locked forever into a mess. Not rushed.

It scares me. That's all I can say.

Small Town Girl said...

Yeah, it sure doesn't sound like it's the best move for the economy. Plus I hate being locked into ANYTHING forever, (although I already AM locked into my insurance forever)that just stresses me out.

Bev said...

We should all be scared. I am the "beneficiary" of the governments' LAST bright idea on health care....the Health Savings Account. Talk about a crock of you doo doo! I already HAVE a deductible of almost $4,000. My employer and I get to pay that $4,000 into my Health Savings account to pay my deductible. The wondermen at congress said "oh, and you will save SO much money that when you retire, you will have ALL that money in your HSA!" Well, THOSE idiots obviously don't have ANY medical problems. I have NOTHING left at the end of the year, and, because you can only pay as the money goes into your account, you have to make arrangements with your docs to pay a little at a time. At which time they treat you like a freaking deadbeat. IT.IS.INSANE!!! If this bill passes, we are ALL going to be hurting for generations to come. Thanks for your insight Kat. Well spoken. I just wonder when we the people are gonna pull our heads out of our butts and hold Congress accountable!!

3carnations said...

I really hope this doesn't pass. It will definitely change things as we know them.

I knew a lot of the things you included here, but I did not know the deductibles were going to be so high.

As the person who administers the health plan in my office, I wonder why the projected per capita cost is so high. Our Blue Cross $250 deductible plan "only" costs $400 per month per employee. Why is the gov't projection so high?

Becca said...

Can I post a link back to this on Twitter? Maybe open people's eyes before it is too late?


Jenn said...

I came back and re-read this because Becca's quoting you on my blog. Clearly, you have read pages 16-17 in an entirely different way than I read them. I just don't see where it says that I will lose my choice of a private insurer. Also, as I read it, new policies will be allowed--they will just have to meet new requirements. I'd love if you could point me to the exact part on pgs. 16-17 where you drew these conclusions, so I can have another look.