Monday, July 06, 2009

When do I get to retire?

Back at work, have nothing to say, stressed out, can I retire soon?


Jess said...

Urgh. I hope things get better soon!

Joisey said...

I'd almost feel sorry for you if you hadnt' just gotten off the beach.......SERIOUSLY????? Retirement?

Becca said...

Oh, no. What happened?

I had hoped that your time on the beach with the kids would have given you a chance to unwind.

Stressed, what's up? The usual? Life, love, family, friends?


Small Town Girl said...

Ummmm....maybe in about 15 years. ;)

Lulu said...

Me too please?

blairspage said...

Hey girl... it was great chatting with you!

Hugs - Tiff