Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And I'm back with more to say and you probably wish I'd shut up already...

Wow, I got quoted and such over on Jenn's blog! I feel almost famous!

Jenn and other fellow bloggers, make no mistake I am not a Republican Nazi that needs to be reported to Nancy Pelosi, I am a registered Democrat. I am all for health care reform, truly I am.

However, unfortunately the scare tactics and misinformation are flowing pretty freely on both sides of the political bandwagon. Even our President has made some blatant false statements about insurance.

I find it disheartening that health insurance and health insurance companies, as a WHOLE, are being blamed for all that is wrong in the health care system today. Currently ALL insurance policies are governed by every single state and there are millions of regulations and laws that must be complied with in order for an insurance policy to be approved and sold to the public. If the insurance plan that you or anyone is currently on is not up to 'par' then there has always been the freedom to choose to purchase a policy that is exactly what you want.

However, many people today want a plan with Cadillac benefits yet only want to pay for a Kia, and then want to scream and bitch that the insurance companies are ripping them off. If someone wants or expects an insurance plan with all the rich benefits they desire, then they probably need to put their money where their mouth is and fork over the cash...

Health insurance is no different than auto insurance or home insurance. You purchase the benefits that you want based on the price that you want to pay. We all accept that if our car is damaged that we have a deductible to pay and if it's totalled that the insurance company is not going to pay for a brand new car but give us the current value of the wrecked car. We all know that we have a deductible for our homeowner's insurance and hopefully we all realize that if our house burns down that they are not going to replace everything at 100% of current market value. Why is it then that we all get upset that health insurance policies have deductibles and expect us to cover some of our own costs?

Insurance should be purchased for catastrophic cases, just like you do for your auto and home. Why do we expect the government to take care of our medical needs when we don't take care of our own personal health?

If you think for one minute that a government run health insurance plan can give you all of the bells and whistles that you desire and NOT cost you a fortune, you need to seriously think again. The government run program for a family of four with an income of $80,000 will cost $1,200 per month. It is tiered down for people that make less money. I can sell that family a Caddie product right now that will have more than enough benefits, including 100% preventative care, for less than $400 a month. Which plan would you rather pay for?

The proposed plan will not be free and coverage for everything under the sun will not be in it. The proposed plan has a deductible of $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for families. Do you have that kind of money? I don't, and I much prefer to pay the lower premium I have now and stick with my $2,500 deductible plan than be forced to come up with 4 times that amount.

Health care reform should focus on fixing the things that are broken versus trying to force the American people to buying something that will not end up being what they think it is. We should work on the current government run plans like Medicare and Medicaid.

We hear all about the low income people not being able to afford health insurance, are we ever told that you have to be poorer than poor to receive Medicaid? I know many people that don't have an extra nickel to their name that have been turned down by Medicaid. Fix that system and make it work like it was intended.

Despite having paid into the Medicare system for more years than some of you have been alive, the Medicare system is broke. Why? Because the government did not have a check and balance system and has been overpaying doctors for years and years and years and the doctors took the money and kept their mouths shut.

Should a prescription really cost me $500 a month or should we relax the FDA restrictions and stop rewarding the pharmaceutical companies because they line our politician's pockets, both Republican and Democrat?

Should there be insurance for people that are sick? Sure and all the major insurance companies have stated that they would be happy to insure them and charge them the same premium as the healthy people, IF, the government enforces that we are all required to have insurance. We require this for autos and homes, why don't we make this a requirement for human life?

Sorry I got on my soapbox once again, but I do think it is highly unfair to place the blame on an industry that 80% of the people that have purchased a product from state that they are happy with their product. Let's reform health care, let's not blame one industry for the faults of many.


Jenn said...

Good points--that's why we're talking health care reform and not just health insurance reform. Well, we would be talking about it if people would stop screaming and spouting off misinformation provided to them by the people who screamed most loudly before them.

We have a unique opportunity in this country right now to have a reasnoble and intelligent discussion about what's wrong with and what needs to be fixed in our health care system.
Unfortunately, that opportunity is being sandbagged by people who don't know what they're talking about and don't really care enough to even do the research.

Jane! said...

I think I totally agree with you.

Government should not get involved in selling health insurance. Why reinvent the wheel? Private companies have been doing it for a long time and are required to keep a lean bottom line to remain competitive. We all know how the government likes to buy $5000 hammers.

I'm not so sure that Medicare and Medicaid shouldn't be privately run as well. In fact, I think they should put YOU in charge, Kat.

Yeah! That settles it. I am brilliant!

The Lady in Pearls said...

Well said woman! I second Jane. YOU should be in charge and set this straight with the Prez. I can arrange the meeting. I have pull you know. I am married to the chief of police! And we all know how much the Prez likes cops! (p.s. I voted for him, but some of the stuff he's said/done lately makes me shake my head)

Becca said...

The government can't even balance a budget, why should we allow them to control yet one more aspect of our lives?

I am perfectly happy with my health insurance. Yes we pay a lot of money for it.


It is a choice that we make. Example...

I had my gallbladder removed in 2006. I had complications. My surgery and hospitalization ended up costing more than 60k. Yes you are reading that right. But because we made the right choices for us, it ended up costing us only $100 out of pocket at the time of the issue. Everything else was covered.

My husband's employer is also self insured. And we have lots of choices and we don't want to lose those choices. Yes we pay more and more every year. And yes I know that my husband probably does make more than the average employee, and has been at his employer for more than 25 years. All of this is because he is responsible.

Is our government going to be as responsible? Or are we going to get taxed and gouged up the wazoo, because we make a good living, to take care of those who don't, or choose not to.

I like Kat's take.

Bev said...

I like it when you get on your soapbox because you are an intelligent woman. As someone else stated....well said Kat! At least people are waking up and hopefully paying attention. If we don't want this shoved down our throats, we MUST get involved and tell those who represent us how we feel.

3carnations said...

$1200 a month is about what our family plan costs (though my employer pays a portion). What "cadillac" plan do you have access to for a family that includes 100% preventative for $400 a month? I'd be interested...