Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Here!

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!

Season Premiere of THE BIGGESST LOSER starts TONIGHT!

Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance.

Even though this day sucked....


Anonymous said...

Look at this! I just came on to tell you about this! I was thinking about you! not because your big or a loser- but because we're both losers for being hooked on this show! ;)

Dory said...

I tried to leave you a fb comment but it won't take it!

I thought of YOU the moment it started because I know you love it like I do.... and no sooner than it started - I have been boohooing!

Kat said...

Don't know what's up with my facebook, it tells me there are comments but I can't see them.

I've been sobbing my eyes out. This will be a tough season!

Tracie said...

I didn't get to watch, Boo DVR'd it for us and Hubby watched, maybe i'll catch up - yea right when do I have time to sit & watch tv - keep me posted!

Bev said...

Kat - Sean Algier is a friend of mine. We attended the same church and even sang on the praise team together. He is so talented and is a totally amazing guy!