Friday, January 15, 2010

Week Two 2010

Truthfully, nothing exciting happened this week, at all.

I did start my photography class at the college, and I did freak out about having to park and walk in the dark, but it all turned out fine. I don't think I understood a single thing the instructor said, but next week we bring our camera and this is good because I am a visual learner.

Been dealing with a migraine for the past couple of days, which sucks. Thought it was gone this morning but after 5 hours of work I assure you it's NOT.

Hopefully next week will be more exciting, but, probably not...


Jenn said...

I hate those multi-day headaches! Hope yours goes away!

Tracie said...

Good luck with the photography class - sounds like fun!

Sorry about the headaches - maybe less wine?

Small Town Girl said...

Migraine = not fun. Hopefully the weekend got rid of it.

MyFrogs said...

Ooh share tips from your photography class! Still learning and haven't had time to play! Plus it's flippin' cold outside!

Sorry about your headache, my oldest got one last week, poor baby! :(