Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is what you do when the day never ends...

Really I wish someone would just shoot me and make this day end!  I feel like I am living in a virtual hell right now.  My house is a disaster and it makes me not want to even go home after work.  Yet, I am exhausted from dealing with the messy crap condition that my house is in and having no rest, for there is no where to rest, so my days at work drag on into eternity.

So what does one do to pass the time living in remodeling limbo?

I had a makeover is what I did! 



And After:


What you can't see is not only did I have a virtual facelift I also stole Catherine Zeta Jone's body!  So you want to have a virtual makeover?  Just go here:

Calgon (or Gypsies, I don't care) TAKE ME AWAY!


Small Town Girl said...

Hilarious!!! By the way, have I ever told you your eyebrows are basically perfect? Because they are.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You are almost here!!! We move into our hotel this Sunday night- woo hoo!!! I just realized I totally forgot to call you back.

I'm a shithead.

flooz said...

This is why I live with genuine shabby chic--there's stuff I'd like done but I can't stand the messy part. I read all advice columns and somebody wrote in to a woman suffering anxiety that trying to live in a state of calm all the time is not really living life--we should "embrace the chaos." I'll never get there, I know, but I think there's something important there for me to learn--it's not only impossible to keep one's life calm, it's not even a worthy goal. And I probably cause myself more stress by trying to protect myself from it all. Becoming Catherine Zeta Jones is a totally worthy goal, though. Gonna try that.

MyFrogs said...

Can I go with the gypsies too?