Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Back at home and still not feeling too hot but life will go on with or without me... Have been in a major panic about all the the things that have and have not been done and I just recently decided to just throw in the towel. What will be will be. May not be our traditional holiday and I may not be all that Merry but we will all be together and that's what counts. I am looking for a Chinese restaurant that is open tomorrow so that we can be just like the family in The Christmas Story and have our Christmas dinner there. Won't that be a hoot!

Managed to lose 14 pounds in the past several days and not that it doesn't make me really happy, but I do feel just like skin and bones and too tired for much effort. Hopefully the next four days can be somewhat relaxing and I will be back to my old self again only skinnier!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that all your wishes come true!


Tracie said...

I hope you to get to feeling like your old self soon & keep the skinny!! Good luck with the Chineese - that could be fun!

Merry Christmas Kat!!!

The Lady in Pearls said...

Fa-ra-ra-ra! Here's to hoping you find the Chinese restaurant. I'll be thinking of you when my kids watch that movie umpteen times tonight!

So the UTI & hospital stay is good for losing weight? I may have to check into that!

Merry Christmas Kat!!!

Lulu said...

I hope you get your umph back soon!!!

Jeankfl said...

So glad you're out.. Yep.. by now all you can do is just go with whatever you have done.. Hope you find a restaurant.. I think that's easier than it used to be!!
Merry Christmas!

Joisey said...

On Central off Bedford Rd., behind the Walmart Neighborhood Market. Chinese buffet place. Greg and I went there on Friday for lunch. OMFG. There's none better in the area. Can't remember the name of the place. You'll LOVE it, Kat. Sorry I've not been there for you. Life has grabbed a hold of me lately. I'm thinking of you, though.

Mrs. K said...

can you believe this one? i went to the doctor this morning and could barely walk because i was having the beginning of a raging uti and my back was KILLING me...antibiotics were started right away and was feeling better by 5pm...but am pooped and have been in bed since 7- early bed- realized didn't finish my santa shopping oh well...there are enough gifts and i can just take some tags off. this pain sucks really does although i'm nowhere near where you were.

hope you feel better...and merry christmas chica

Anonymous said...

Just had to take 5 to wish you a Merry Christmas. Love Ya Pat

tracy said...

Glad you're feeling better.

LOL at the chinese restaurant, but those things are what make the memories that you then laugh about every year after that!!!

Tracie said...

Merry Christmas Kat!!

Jane! said...

ONly YOU, Kat, could turn and bladder infection into a hospital stay. I hope we both have a better 2009.
Oh, I had a hard time holding my giggle muscles still during my MRI - I kept picturing your bra - run up the IV pole.

BJB said...

I hope you're feeling better and managed to have a nice chinese christmas dinner... I was also thinking fa ra ra ra ra. The sermon on Xmas Eve was about the moments that make a memory. The rest of the night my brother & I kept saying is that this year's moment? My mom was just glad we were actually paying attention in church!