Tuesday, December 23, 2008

all things related to panties and not...

Recently some of my fellow blog buddies have gotten their panties in a wad because of my lack of remembering and sharing things.  So as I lay awake on this eve of eve before Christmas Eve oddly enough, the thought of panties are clearly on my mind, so why not share?

Last week I was in a rather serious discussion among friends on the use of the term nylons versus panty hose which turned into a deeper discussion of does one wear panties with panty hose or not?  As we dove deeper into the proper occasions to wear panties or go commando, I shared a memory long forgotten that made me laugh.  Back when my older two boys were young ones, I had a tendency to call their undergarments 'panties' versus the proper macho term of underwear.

I don't recall exactly how or why the use of panties began in exchange for the proper term, but I do recall that it upset Hubby greatly so I continued to use it.  My young sons did not know the difference between panties or boxers or tighty whities or briefs, we simply referred to them as panties.

I would tell my two young lads to 'run and put their panties on' after taking a bath or remind them to 'change their panties' after swimming and I would get a wicked, evil pleasure when they in turn would ask me if they could wear their 'superman panties' today?  Yes, that very small word could literally drive my husband insane.  Ah... memories.

Still to this day my husband cannot stand the word panties and I still get that sick, perverted pleasure knowing that by merely using the word it will drive him bonkers.

Bless his little soul, I have been driving him stark, raving mad in the past couple of days.

Seems last Thursday I began having the tell-tell signs of a UTI starting and sure enough by Friday morning I knew I best call the doctor before the weekend arrived.  As luck would have it the doctor could not see before Monday so I asked if I could just stop in and leave a sample and perhaps get some medication?  So I did just that and by mid-afternoon, I was in full blown UTI mode and thankful that I had insisted.

I began taking the medication right away but by Saturday afternoon I became deathly ill with a kidney infection.  Enough so that a trip to the ER turned into a hospital stay, where I now sit writing this post because I cannot sleep.  But excluding all of that, well sort of, maybe more including all of that, being drugged and hooked to a continuous IV drip of fluids and antibiotics, it became rather difficult to get one's self up, wires untangles, machinery dragged across the room and into the restroom where one must measure all quantities of liquids coming out BEFORE they actually come out.  (TMI, I know).

Not coming to the ER prepared to spend the next 4 days and Hubby's inability to grasp the notion of the plural of panty is 'panties', meaning many, not two, it has become necessary to make several requests of him to bring me additional sets of panties.  In his exasperation this evening Hubby showed up with more panties than I even knew I had.

Thus, I have decided in my final attempt to bid adieu to a really sucky and unhealthy 2008, I will send it off with a wreath made of panties, tied with a bow and ribbon simply stating, 'Kiss MY Ass 2008!"



Tracie said...

Sorry you are in the hospital! Hope you get to feeling better and can go home soon! What's up with hubby bringing you only 2 pairs! What, he only changes his every other day?

Lulu said...

My goodness, you HAVE had a crappy year - health wise! Get well soon!

I hate the word panties too; whoa nelly it drives me bonkers!! In fact, I refer to undergarments as "undies"! ;) To me, the word panties sounds like something my grandmother would wear. LOL

Panty hose? In my house they're called stockings, or nylons, or tights. And I always have some undies on underneath them.

Small Town Girl said...

I'm still laughing about the boys and their "panties", even though I would never say that word out loud. ;) I'm with Lulu, it sounds like something my granny would have...right along with her blouses and her slacks. ;)

So are we thinking we're getting out today????????? Mom and I are praying that you do. And that you'll have a nice, relaxing Christmas with all your boys waiting on you hand and foot.

MyFrogs said...

Not a huge fan of the word panties either, unless it's used with Superman in front of it! That is THE best! Superman Panties!! haha! Great one!

Get well soon Kat! I'm with you on the whole 2008 can kiss our asses, mine sucked big time!

BBB said...

Well what a way to end the year....in the doggone stupid hospital. I hope that you are feeling better soon my friend. I am right there with you on that panty wreath. Can you make me one too?? This has been a sucky sucky year healthwise and I am ready for it to be G.O.N.E.

Here's to hoping that you and I have a beter 2009! Thanks for being my friend! It made getting through '08 bearable!! Hugs to you, Kat!!

Jeankfl said...

Wonder why so many of us don't like the word "panties"?? It's not like it's really dirty or anything, but it feels that way to me.. although pantyhose doesn't bother me...which are always worn OVER panties, btw!!LOL
Hope you get better quickly.. good thing you insisted, although you ended up where you would have anyway.. probably because you didn't tell us about the liver.. that tends to lower your immune system.. ;-) LOL we need to know everything!! yeah..right.. don't roll your eyes at me! Well, get well and get out and enjoy Christmas with your family.. Glad you're going to be ok.

BJB said...

just dont you go dying on us!!!

I never wear panties with nylons....so I guess I would call them panty hose. I've also found my self going commando when I've worn hose to work and then changed into jeans or something for a post work function and forgetting undies.

Merry Christmas :)

Hawkeye Chick said...

I'm sorry, I'm totally laughing at the vision of your boys in their Superman panties!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA.

Get better soon, ok!?! Smooches!

The Lady in Pearls said...

Are you shitting me? You're in the hospital? Really? Holy crap woman, didn't anyone tell you there's still presents to buy & wrap and candy to make and wine to drink? Get your ass out of that bed! Of course, knowing you, you already have all of that done and you are getting the well deserved drugs that you need!

Seriously, hope you are out soon. Love you bunches and wishing you the best 2009 sista'!

The Lady in Pearls said...

PS No panties with hose.

meg said...

Good Grief, Kat~ this has really been your year to be the Sh!t magnet!
Prayers of healing & peace heading your way- & I'd pay good money to see that wreath :-P

Dory said...

OH my goodness.... it's not polite to laugh at someone who is ill... but... umm... I can't quit cracking up! Your husband bringing you limited panties at a time was just too much! Made me nearly wet my own!

Now, get well soon! I hope 2009 will be your healthiest year ever! You deserve it after this one.

Anonymous said...

holy shit woman can you please stay out of a hospital for just one month?? but that's funny because i have one aversion- i CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT come out of the shower naked. I need to come out wearing my robe and my panties or I freak. :)

So come to realize I hadn't brought out my undies and I asked hubs to please bring me a pair of panties but not to bring me thongs because I was going to sleep and to bring me ones that looked like this or that, I think I said granny...and then he opened the door and dumped the whole drawer full of undies on my feet. Oh well. Men.

Anonymous said...

ps feel better for God's sake- please just get better. PRONTO

flooz said...

I personally love the word panties and use it whenever I can. This story reminded me of when I had my first baby--in my hospital bag I had included numerous pairs of panties. Turned out panties are the last thing one needs immediately after childbirth--in fact they would just get in the way. TMI from me too, I'm sure. If you remember my stories about my mother--what a girly-woman she has always been. When she does go I plan to say as part of my eulogy for her that she never wore granny panties. Everyone who knows her will know exactly what I mean--she's the only one of our family to go the thong route.

I hope you feel better soon--it's amazing how sick bladder-kidney infections can make one.