Monday, February 23, 2009

Cruising Day Three

Day Three

I awoke to discover that we had arrived in Cozumel and after another wonderful morning of drinking my pot of java on the balcony and enjoying the view, I managed to get myself ready for our group excursion.

Cruise 2009 007

I readily admit that I was dreading this day because our entire group of 40 was going together.  However I was pleasantly surprised that we had a good time.

We went on an Eco Tour of the island in a caravan of Jeeps and not only was it beautiful but very relaxing.  We had a few stops along the way to a private beach where the majority of the group was to snorkel.  Along the way, we saw this:

Cruise 2009 023

And these:

Cruise 2009 024 Cruise 2009 026

Real Live Crocodiles!  It was actually mating season and we had quite an interesting show and learned some interesting things.  It was a beautiful area, quite breathtaking actually, managed to actually use the camera for a few shots:

Cruise 2009 014 Cruise 2009 018

After laying around on the beach for a few hours we headed back to the ship

Cruise 2009 028  where I was looking forward to my scheduled massage.  After my marathon sleeping session on Day Two I had developed a little crick in my neck and couldn't wait to have it rubbed out.  That is what I get for wishful thinking.  Very disappointed in the massage and even after telling her that my 'troubled spot' was my neck, I don't think she touched it once... UGH!

Had to rush back to my room to get ready for dinner and wasn't quite feeling the love on my outfit, however after a few Cosmo's, I really didn't care:

Cruise 2009 032

And after several more Cosmo's got my wild thing on:

Cruise 2009 031

Maybe a little too much...

We had a private poker party set up after dinner and to our wonderful surprise, there was a Top 40 dance club right next to our private room.  All the men on the trip sat down to an evening of poker playing while the women decided to get our groove on!  And I did!  And we continued grooving until the wee hour of 2:30 am. After shutting one club down at 1:00 am we headed to another and closed it down.  Yep, Stella got her groove back!

I don't think I have danced that much in many, many years and by the end of the evening (morning, whatever) my body was definitely telling me.  By the time I got to my room and the unknown number of Cosmo's had worn off, not only did my feet hurt but my knees were screaming and my hips were wailing and let's just say a total hip/knee replacement could be in this old lady's future...  BUT, it was a damn good time!

So I am up this early morning of Day Four enjoying my coffee on the balcony typing this and hoping for Internet access today and trying to convince myself to walk my aching body over to the shower to prepare for today's adventure - swimming with stingrays.  And if you believe that I will actually get in the ocean and do that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to give you...


Tricia said...

I love you Kat..your so silly! Good for you getting out there and GROOVING the night away! You can replace those knees and hips later!

Anonymous said...

hey dancing queen- haven't read the next post but am willing to bet that you did it- the outfit by the way looks very nice- wtf are you talking about?