Monday, February 23, 2009

Cruising Day Two

I will have to admit that Day Two was a perfect day although I am a little disgruntled that the internet access I was promised is a little sketchy...

I feel sorry for all my other fellow cruisers that aren't exactly taking to the cruising on the high seas as well as I am.  Many people seem to be walking around with green shadows on their face but not me, the motion and rocking of the boat are extremely relaxing.

Woke up around 7:00 when my extra large pot of coffee was delivered, had a big cup of java on the balcony watching the vast array of nothing.  The rocking motion made me sleepy so I went back to bed and took a nap until 11:00.  Heaven.

Was forced to get up and go shopping on the promenade  deck finding several great deals, had lunch and was back in my room at 1:00 for an afternoon nap.  Heaven.

Got up around 5:30 to prepare for the first formal evening and got my diva on:

 Cruise 2009 006

Looking hot, yeah?  After dinner we went to the 'Disco' which turned out to be more of a hip-hop/rap kind of joint but we managed to make it until midnight before heading to bed and another blissful night of being rocked to sleep.

Carried my camera around whenever I was out but failed to use it much so sorry but no pics of the color coded singles!


MyFrogs said...

Your picture takers need stricht instructions to "always get the shoes!".

Tracie said...

Looking Hot!

Tricia said...

Oh La La! Nice Nap! Sexy picture!

Have you seen Don't mess with the Zohan? I can't help but repeat DISCO DISCO while shaking hips.

Mrs. K said...

looking hot be-atch! :)