Thursday, June 03, 2010

The destruction begins - A pictorial...

So today is the BIG day! I took my 'before' pics to share with you last night but somehow managed to forget them today. That would probably be because Hubby was acting like a Sergeant General last night and forcibly making C3 and I move ALL of the furniture and knick knacks out of the three 'under construction' rooms so that nothing got 'messed up.' Have you ever tried to move 3 rooms worth of furniture and STUFF into one small spare bedroom? Good times, good times.

I am a little, shall we say concerned, about this new demolition project of Hubby's. I'm not so sure 'concerned' is the right word, more like SCARED TO FRICKING DEATH...

The walls that are going to be, um, deleted, from my home are actually what are referred to as load bearing walls (thanks Chris!).

dude cat

Yes, LOAD BEARING WALLS, so can you see my concern?

I guess I should have faith in the contractor, however he doesn't really look like a normal contractor. He actually looks like a mini-me Art Garfunkel, remember him?


The only real difference is that he's sporting the old Beatles bowl cut, you remember those?

bowl cut

Actually if this dude picture had blonde hair, it would look very similar to the contractor... It's really hard to tell if his hair is real or a really bad toupee. Scary.

My faith was a little rocked yet again this morning when he showed up wearing these, which were at least 40 years old and 3 inches too short...


Yeah, that was something I dressed my TODDLERS in...

Better yet, his two 'workmen' reminded me of these fellows:



And this my friend is all Hubby's idea. I'm putting this in print just in case my roof caves in when the fireplace and LOAD BEARING WALL removal causes my roof to collapse and I am homeless...

Thanks HUBBY!

Graduation 003


Anonymous said...

well you are a fool- why are you only staying here for a week? a month sounds more like it!!


Small Town Girl said...

Yup sounds like a heck of a project to me but at least you ended this post with a cute picture of you and the Hubby!

HC said...

Is it bad that I chuckled a little?