Friday, June 04, 2010

Things that really piss me off…

People that are liars or people that don't do what they say they will do really PISS ME OFF!

The first group, liars, really get on my last nerve. So C3 had the little fender bender, rear-ended someone coming up to a red light. At most, he was going 5, maybe 10 mph. Not a MAJOR collision with tons of damage, actually there is a 2" scratch on our bumper. No other damage to our car, none, zippo. The other guy of course tells me at the site that he has been rear-ended before and the other guy had no insurance. It was quite apparent that he never got his bumper fixed and I actually took pictures just in case he tried to screw us:

Car Photo 2 

Here’s our car:


How about a close up of the damage:

001 (2)

I mean REALLY, there is a 2" scratch on our bumper and this much damage to his car - I don't think so. Especially since our car is a little BMW that sits MUCH lower than this car.

My first question when I arrived on the scene was "IS ANYONE HURT?" Of course not, they were ALL fine standing around, even told me they were all just fine. NOW, the claim has been upgraded to an 'Accident with Injury' - WTFever! Of course this means they have hired one of those lawyers that advertise on TV that claims they can get you MILLIONS of dollars for your injuries. I'm so pissed off right now I could spit nails because I'll probably lose my insurance or it will go up so high that I'll have to sale my house. Son of a frickin basket eater...

Speaking of houses... the Fart Garfunkel construction dude has pissed me off too. I purposely was late to work yesterday to give him instructions on where to put the dumpster that was supposed to be delivered at 9 am. Of course by 9 am it wasn't there but I told him where to put it and also explained that we had moved all furniture possible and covered the rest with tarps because I did NOT want my good furniture getting dirty. Hmphh! He called Hubby later and told him that the dumpster they delivered was too BIG for the driveway and couldn't deliver another until Monday.  He asked if we wanted him to wait and start on Monday. Of course he was SUPPOSED to start on Tuesday but moved that to Thursday for unknown reasons so Hubby told him no, go ahead and start. The PLAN was for him to build a supporting structure around the area to a) make sure the ceiling and roof did not cave in and b) to contain the mess. This is what I drove up to at 6:00:


FRICKING AWESOME! Let's see how fast the City can fine me for this!

And that supporting structure wall? No where to be found but this big old mess is what I have:

011 014 013 018 019 020

And the final thing to piss me off – C3 himself.  Just got his report card, not really happy with the fact that he FAILED Spanish and had 3 C’s to boot.  On my shit list, you better believe it!


Small Town Girl said...

I'm praying for you. And your family because I'm having a feeling this may not be good. ;)

Anonymous said...

uhm failed spanish? isn't he like, spanish himself??

and ok i totally sympathize with you on the house- why? cause my toilet leaked apparently the entire contents of him and all his cousins down the street onto our floor- so now i have a downstairs iwth couches stacked on top of each other and cement floors.

dont stress about the insurance- tell you what- if you know where the guy will go get his estimate take some pics of him 'bending' over to show the guy pics- those are really nice to show a jury.

Becca said...

Time to take the license and crack that whip mama!

Big hugs on all the rest! It will all work out..hang tight!

Tracie said...

Ain't life grand?

Nancy said...

If the city even pays you a visit, you call me on my cell. I swear to God I will take care you of you.